Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Microsoft 'Equipt'

So, Microsoft will be releasing this pack of software called "Equipt" (for a yearly subscription of 69.99 US) which contains Office (Home and Student 2007), Windows Live Mail, Windows Live One Care, Live Messenger and Live Photo.

Let's see, spend 69.99 US a year for basic computing programs or run Ubuntu.


  1. lol. amen.

    read my blog:

  2. Clue: You're not the target market.

    This is for people like my parents, or my sister and her family (who have a desktop, a laptop, and a kid about ready to head to college.. and NOBODY in that household is computer literate enough to setup any flavor of *nix and keep it patched etc.)

    This is for all your non-computer literate friends and family who you don't want to act as their 'personal IT expert' forever.. It will provide them with decent anti-virus anti-malware software, and an office suite, and keep it all updated, for 3 PC's... not a bad deal for $70..

    By all means if you want to support em, set them up with something similar on Ubuntu, and then help em get WoW or SIMS installed, etc etc..

  3. Welcome to MS Genuine Disadvantage™, now at a modest price of $69.99 a year (conditions my chance at any time without notice).

    Clue: You're missing the point.

    The deal does not include Windows for any of the three computers.

    MS Office?
    OpenOffice works for me (and my family) for over 8 years now. I can use it for work too, even without consulting my lawyer.

    Mail and IM service?
    No thank you. Haven't ever paid for either and I'm perfectly satisfied.

    Internet security package?
    I bought a broken OS, and now I should pay extra to have it somewhat secure?

    Photo album?
    Maybe this is useful for someone, but not for the price.

    For everyday computing Linux is usable by anyone. I'd say the less they know the better/safer it is for them. My mother is completely illiterate when it comes to computers and uses Debian/Gnome. The only problem she's ever came to me with is "Which program can I use to...?" She's never asked me to install a Windows' program, because Debian has it all for her. The experiment continues. :-)

    I seriously doubt your parents play WoW. As far as Sims goes, watching kernel compile is less boring. Games in general are a waste of time. The earlier you install Linux, the faster you'll realize that. ;-)