Monday, November 3, 2008

Obligatory election post

I have found within the recent months, discussing politics and such, that many (if not most) of the people that I consider intellectual (not just intelligent, or smart, as there is a difference) are voting for Obama. I also find that the ones whom have no idea what they are doing and are only influenced by what the deem as "cool" are also voting for Obama. The ones that I consider not so intellectual (though maybe intelligent), but still at least have an understanding of what is happening are probably voting for McCain. Now, this is in no way a jab at anyone and there are certainly exceptions. This is just the trend that I have found, and I wish it weren't so.

McCain himself doesn't strike me as a particularly intelligent person, just from the way he talks, reading his facial expressions during the debates, mannerisms, etc... I also lean towards believing that people whom attribute various aspects of diplomacy and politics (or anything, for that matter) to God to not be all there in the head, which given our current national situation, isn't something I would feel terribly comfortable with. Obama, while attending church and saying he is Christian, doesn't seem to do this. In my opinion, I don't even think Obama is a Christian. He is probably an Athiest (or at least Agnostic), but if this were to become known, there wouldn't be a chance in Hell that he would become President (look at what happened to Romney, and he still at least believed in God).

All this being said, I have no room to talk. I am not even registered to vote. :-)

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