Friday, July 30, 2010

OD AutoAssess Network Script

A few days ago, I posted a small bit on automating OpenVAS. I have written a small shell script that I use to automate (almost) full network testing and assessment. The reason I say almost is because you still need to go through the data collected to make sure nothing serious is up.

This script requires htmldoc, metasploit, openvas-client and -scanner, nmap, and zip. I have posted it to my random script and snippets page and will maintain it there, but posting here as well.

May not be perfect, my bash-fu is rusty. Some extra info, htmldoc is quite neat. You can actually specify a logo image to use if you want for your company adding '--header l --logoimage /path/to/logo.jpg'.

UPDATE: Updated code w/ svn repo here.