Monday, August 30, 2010

OD AutoAssess Network Script v0.1-beta

I have one bug left before I want to release a non-beta version, but if anyone can download the latest beta of the script here. Feel free to contact me if you find a bug or have a suggestion. Maybe you can fix the last bug I have open atm!

One change that you may need to install, traceroute is now run as well on hosts during the individual host scans. This is appended to the $HOST.nmap file.

USAGE: sh options

Example:#sh --client=joemama --range= --profile-only


--profile-only Only profile the network, run no vulnerability assessments and create no reports. Requires --client and --range or --zenity.
--zenity Get user information via zenity (GUI text fields) rather than as arguments. Ignores all other arguments when provided except --profile-only.
--client Name of the client whose network is being scanned.
--range IP range to be scanned.
--company-name Name that you would like the PDF reports created with.
--logo-path Path to the logo you want to customize reports with. Requires --company-name
--openvas-server IP address to a remote (or local) server for openvassd.
--openvas-port Port which openvassd will be listening on.
--openvas-user Username for openvassd server.
--openvas-pass Password for openvassd server.
--help Prints this help.