Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New appliances for network auto-assessment script available

I have uploaded the beta od-autoassess 10.10 virtual appliances (VirtualBox) and have made them available through torrents (preferred) as well. I am getting close to capping my monthly bandwidth (450gb a month, dang!), so please use one of the torrents if possible. Please test them and report any issues by contacting me (or let me know how awesome it is!).

These appliances are fully configured to run all aspects of the autoassessment script. These are beta releases, though I don't think much will change between these betas and any official release. Credentials are rooty/ytoor and you can `sudo su` from there to get root and run a scan (a proper scan should be in the bash history on each appliance, getting root and running through the history should bring it up). But if you are lazy, here is a full scan command:

sh /opt/od-autoassess/ --client="FooBarWidgets" --range= --start-openvassd \
--openvas-user="rooty" --openvas-pass="ytoor" \
--metasploit-sql-driver="mysql" --metasploit-sql-conn="root:toor@" \
--enable-wapiti --enable-w3af

Also, if you like the appliances, the script, or any of my other projects, maybe a donation is in order! I am working part time at Joe's Crab Shack to pay my server and tuition costs while attending school, and any help will be much appreciated!

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  1. Eeewww /opt

    The cool kids package their stuff up and upload it to Debian!