Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My biggest hurdle in school

I suck at being in school. I feel incredibly unproductive as my classes are very slow. Once the teacher starts going into things s/he has already gone over (many times in some cases), I become very frustrated at wasting my time listening to the same information, over and over again. This happens in AP classes as well, though to a smaller extent. I begin thinking about all the things I could be working on instead, I always have projects I am working on.

The problem is that I know that I could be working on far more intellectually satisfying things. I am better as a part-time student, when my full time job/hobby suffices. I spend a large chunk of my time doing security/programming research, which is the most fun and intellectually satisfying hobby I have found yet. Hopefully I will be getting paid for it soon, and that is even better.

I also do not do well "being taught to". Give me the book and let me figure it out for myself, it will be much faster than slow lectures. A 3 hour class in Art Appreciation is hell. I have a large disdain for "authority", and this can become very burdensome as well.

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