Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi DHS, I'm Brandon

bar*, cure, employ*, agreement*, draft*, repo*, repurchase, fed, risk*, expos*, *liquid* caution or concern or increase or toxic or outsized or significant, downgrade*, reduce*, write*, effect*, cash, sweep*, haircut, negotiate*, need*, strongly disagree, can't or cannot or shouldn't or should not or won't or will not w/5 discuss or "talk about" w/5 email, e-mail, or computer or should w/5 discuss or talk w/5 phone or "in person", cannot believe, serious trouble, big trouble, unsalvageable, shocked, speechless, too late, uncomfortable, not comfortable, I don't think we should, *sensitive, *confidential, do not share this, don't share this, between you and me, just between us.

Remember, this is just between us.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Open and easy repair for all!

I have created #opendiagnostics on if you use the CD or any of my other apps or are looking for a channel to help aid in repairing and diagnosing computer problems. I have always wanted a central channel for people who are willing to help other fix and repair problems in general, not for a specific app, and ask questions themselves when they need help. I also find that IRC can be far more helpful than forums when a quick fix is needed.

So if you enjoy computer repair and are looking for an IRC resource whose purpose is helping others diagnose and fix computers, come on in and join :-).