Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Me, Geppy, Robert, Chris, and Jesse went to see a movie called Frag last night. It is a documentary on professional gaming, the ups and down, drugs, sex, etc... It was a _really_ good movie. Entertaining the whole way through. A lot of big name gamers were there (Fatal1ty, Lost-Cauze, Carmac, Sephi), as well as Jarrett Cale and Geoff Lepaire (aka Jeremy and Kyle from PurePwnage). We got a chance to chat with them after the movie until they kicked us out of the room for being there too long. After that, we got some pictures in the lobby. Rock.

This is Geppy with Geoff (Kyle) and Jarrett (Jeremy). I would have liken a picture with Geoff also, but he wasn't around when I got mine taken.

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