Thursday, May 15, 2008

FBench Redux: With Threads

DISCLAIMER: These aren't "professional" tests. These are just me running and giving you what I have found. Don't take these as cold, hard facts.

I added support for threads in FBench to see how Mono and .NET do compared to each other with threads. Most of the results weren't very surprising, but running them both threaded at the same time gave some very interesting results. I realised I was running an older version on Mono (just a couple minor build behind), so I updated it to the latest windows build on the Mono site. Pictures Below:

This is Mono and .NET running unthreaded. I first ran .NET, waited for it to finish, then ran Mono.

This is Mono and .NET running threaded (2 threads). Again, I ran .NET first and Mono second.

This is running both at the same time. This wasn't very surprising. (I clicked .NET, then Mono as fast as I could :-) ).
These are the results that surprised me. Running them both threaded at the same time (.NET, then Mono) resulted in Mono being considerably quicker (~7 seconds quicker).

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