Thursday, October 9, 2008

VMware 6.5 Workstation, Vista guest, Intrepid host

Weird. In my Vista VM, Vista thinks my down-arrow key is right-super, the enter key is the down arrow, left-arrow is right-alt, right-arrow is right-ctrl, etc...

Keyboard map on Vista is Standard 101/102 key and on Intrepid, the map is us pc105.

Any thoughts on this? It is really annoying...


  1. I take it you're in Gnome?

    If that's the case, whilst the VM is running.. change the Gnome keyboard layout temp. to another layout (try German for example).

    Apply it.

    Go back in and then do the same (reverting back to US).

    You'll find that resolves it.

    It's a long outstanding issue with VMWare Workstation. :(

    That 'workaround' however does seem to fix it.

  2. This might help you:

    It solved all my problems. Enjoy!