Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AudibleManager in Ubuntu

So, it turns out that the AudibleManager software that uses for it's audiobooks runs in wine for the most part. The one part that doesn't work is the one part that makes the actual software useful to install, and it looks like it is a bad API implemenation of InternetCrackUrlW() within the Windows inet libraries. It is taking a TLS session and assuming it is SSL, making an SSL request on the audible servers, with no SSL port being used on the Audible servers in the first place, causing a time out on authentication.

A few patches have been proposed on the bug page (, but I was hoping that the last patch that seems to work had been employed into the latest stable version (it hasn't, quite a disappointment), so even using the wine apt repos rather than the ubuntu ones doesn't fix this for you. You have to patch it yourself.

No esta bien. And I am a big fan of audiobooks, so, please, no posts on how is evil for it's DRM.

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  1. I'm having that exact problem, I can get the .aa file into audible manager in wine (through some finagling), but I can't play the song because it fails to activate. I have very limited understanding of code, can you show me how you patched it?