Friday, September 25, 2009

New ClamAV Live CD update

I updated the ClamAV Live CD to 0.95.2 today (finally). I have been wondering what I want to do with this project the past few months. When I first created the CD, I wanted it to be as small as possible so that I could put it on a 128 MB thumbdrive (or 150 MB mini-cd), so I worked extremely hard trying to get it as small as I could. I needed the CD to run on computers with as little as 128 MB of ram! I also didn't know it would be such a popular tool when I released the iso on my website, so I never included documentation on how to use it, prettied it up, things like that. I liked it the way it was, completely minimal and still gets the job done.

I have, however, gotten requests from a few people (five or so) that ask for it to be more user friendly. I am torn between the ease of use vs portability aspects of the project, so I ask you fellow Ubunteers your opinion. Of those who have used it, do you like the minimal approach, or would you prefer a prettier, more user friendly/graphical tool? Maybe two versions? If I went with the more graphical tool, I would look to utilize the full extent of a normal CD, so I would be including many more tools and such.

Thanks for any feedback!


  1. A menu based CLI interface would be good.

    ifs something to help set up network, and download the definitions.

    then it could list all the partitions, and you could select and scan them.

  2. I have a XPS lapt that is dual-boot XP Ubuntu, and I tried your clamavlive. it won't connect to the internet.I am getting this error:
    socket: address family not supported by protocol - make sure CONFIG_PACKET (packet socket) and CONFIG_FILTER are enabled in your kernel configuration!

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  4. I'm getting the CONFIG_PACKET error as well.

    Any chance you can modify the tutorial to explain how to fix that?



  5. It was what you needed and wanted. What you've made is a well-honed tool. Ease of use is art and can be surprisingly difficult.