Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Putting up posters and passing out flyers

I will be putting up posters and passing out flyers for both the March to Keep Fear Alive and the Rally to Restore Sanity at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Doing this from my own pocket, if anyone would like to support the effort, donating $10 gets us one more poster (who knows, maybe we can put some up around Arlington rather than just the University!).

So far I have enough cash for about 10 posters and hundred flyers or so. Please see my donation page if you would like to help!

Also, if you don't really want to help political stuffs (who wouldn't!) and you use any of my apps, maybe that's enough for a $10 donation (even though it will still go towards the posters and flyers).

Thanks to anyone that helps out! If you live in DFW and want to help out, feel free to get a hold of me through the comments or by contacting me.


  1. I bought a Epson 1400 that allows me to print 13"x19" and I installed a Continuous Ink Supply System or CISS (youtube it), so I never run out of ink and when I do it's really cheap to fill. Great system and would be perfect for something like this (much cheaper depending on how many your printing).

  2. Thanks Eric, I will look at this and see. Seems like an interesting idea.