Thursday, September 30, 2010

Audible Manager on Ubuntu (requires patching/compilation of wine)

Apparently is working with open-source providers to give us a native Audible Manager for Linux. Recently, they released an Audible application for Android phones, so that seems like they are at least working with Linux in some form or fashion.

But I am impatient and don't like waiting for corporate bureaucracy to "fix" things that are broken. (How does that go again? Whatever cuts least into our bottomline...)

So, there is a patch proposed here that fixes the shortcoming (bug) in the API that wine had when dealing with SSL/TLS connections. Right off the bat, the patch does not work for the latest wine release (1.3.3). A little editing was required to patch the right files (dlls/wininet/internet.c iirc).

I fixed up the patch (which you can download by clicking here) so that after downloading the wine 1.3.3 tarball, I unpacked the tarball, patched, compiled, and indeed the patch works.

Specific commands used...

tar xjf wine-1.3.3.tar.bz2
cd wine-1.3.3/
patch -p0 < ../audible_wine-1.3.3.patch
./configure --prefix=$HOME/wine
make && make install

I did however need to get the wine dependencies from apt...

apt-get build-dep wine

Hope this helps others in the same boat as me! I hate waiting for companies to find time to appease the customers rather than making time.


  1. Did you send this into wine-patches? If it hits the 1.3 branch I'll backport it to 1.2 and ship it with Ubuntu.

  2. Hi scott,

    I have not. I assumed the patch was not included for reasons not explained on the bug page, but I will definitely send it out.

  3. Thanks Brandon, works great!

  4. Thanks Brandon

    I was able to help my sister. I installed Ubuntu on here computer and she was whineing about not being able to use Audible. Works great

  5. I will say that I can't guarantee this doesn't break anything. I know it does break Steam.

  6. So, with this patch, I should be able to run Audible under Ubuntu and listen to the files on my computer? Or copy them to mp3?

  7. Hi djh,

    I am not sure. TBH, I haven't tried that functionality.