Saturday, January 23, 2010

ClamAV Live CD -> OpenDiagnostics Live CD

I have gone ahead and added more functionality to the the ClamAV Live CD as well as fixed most of the major bugs people have had with kernel mismatches and dell's, but now that ClamAV probably won't be the main use, I have gone ahead and renamed the project to OpenDiagnostics.

I haven't updated my site yet, so the planets are getting a sneak peek of a sort :-).

Currently, I guess the major changes are X and (real)XFCE are installed, but aren't started by default. You are still dropped in runlevel 3, you just have to type startx to get a GUI going. But this gives us use of some awesome tools like wireshark, hardinfo, and clamtk to help fix and diagnose problems with the computer or network at hand. Many new command line tools have been added for benchmarking and stress testing networks, drives, and computers, as well as a slew of little utilities (john with full wordlist in /opt gzipped, apg/otp, weplab, ntfsprogs, netperf, etc...). I am getting up documentation this evening. Cool thing is it is still 300 mb, so a 512 mb USB drive (if they still make them) will work great and give you some extra space for files and stuff you like to keep with you.

You can also use it with the USB Creator in Ubuntu now, so that's a nice thing.

The virus definitions are still being updated daily for ClamAV for those who don't have access to internet all the time.

Download here!

Updates about the CD will be made here from now on if anyone is interested.
Comments/Complaints/Concerns welcome!