Saturday, June 28, 2008

Awesome Smoothie Time

Ok, so I was experimenting today with ingrdients for a smoothie and I have come up with one awesome smoothie.

1/2 a banana
3-4 Strawberries (depending on size)
3/4 can Sprite
4-6 Ice Cubes (depending on size)
A couple (big) spoonfuls of Neopolitan icecream (get a good mix of vanilla and strawberry, maybe a little chocolate)

I put in some vanilla protein powder since tonight is one of my workout nights.

Blend and enjoy. Seriously, it rocks hardcore. I will try Vault tomorrow-ish.

Also, thanks to those who commented on my last post about Java. While my reservations for it haven't changed, I have learned more about its functionality (specifically on ARM devices, thanks jldugger!) and conveniences/inconveniences.


  1. No problem. I don't like Java much myself (too damn verbose), but having worked at it extensively, I know a toy it ain't. I just get a bit angry when people decide what works for them should be good enough for anybody without asking any hard questions about their assumptions. MySQL comes to mind as another common tech in the FOSS world that's universally loved but rarely inspected.

    Interesting smoothie recipe. I've just been using Strawberries, ice, sugar and milk or ice cream. Stay tuned, I'm working on an essay/post that is two parts tasty, five parts interesting!

  2. Instead of ice cream + protein powder, you could try using soy ice cream.