Sunday, June 29, 2008

Praise for Leonov

While I am not a big KDE fan (more a GNOME fanboy), I thought the Leonov project was really neat. I decided to install it this morning. I had downloaded the tarball and when I ran the, it told me I needed to install KDE 4.1-Beta 2. Ok, not a problem. I put the PPA repos in my sources.list, update, and grab KDE 4.1-Beta 2. After that, I ran the setup again. Hmm, I still need to install KDE 4.1-Beta 2 still? So, I make sure that I am running the latest of everything. Yep.

So, it seems I have run into a bug. I hop on IRC and get pointed to #leonov. Stephen Hermann was more than willing to point me to a new updated tarball that fixed the bug. I installed the newer tarball and everything worked (I have run into a couple bugs that I am trying to track down, I haven't done much in Python before, as well as KDE, so it should be fun :-)).

Congrats to the Leonov team! I know this is an "early adopters" release, but I think this will turn out to be an awesome app. I hope I can help out!


  1. Perhaps I'm stupid, but their website mentions a GTK+ frontend. Has this been done yet?

  2. Yes, if you run

    leonov -f gtk

    it will have a GTK frontend (but isn't very pretty or intuitive).

  3. If you are on GNOME or XFCE you should get the GTK frontend by default.