Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Couple Ideas

I have had a couple ideas bouncing around in my head for a while now (a couple projects that I might start on the 19 hour flight to Germany). One of them is a search-engine-type website for music. How it would work is like this: let's say you have an mp3 of a song that has no metadata and no title, you have no idea what song it is, who wrote it, what album it was on, but you really like and would like to hear more from that artist. You would upload the song to the website and, in turn, the website would "listen" to the song and compare the song to the data it has in it's database. If it finds a match, it renames the mp3 in a "track title - artist.mp3" format and write all the metadata the database has on it to the file so music players such as Banshee or WMP will read the metadata and load it up all nice and pretty like. The site would also be able to give recommendations of similar bands, offer cover art (maybe). If you would like to help the site, you would upload the song and when the site says "I am sorry, but no music in our database matches the song you uploaded.", you would click the button that says I know what song it is and the artist and enter that and the website would get the rest of the metadata. Thoughts? It would probably be built on libgstreamer0.10 (good, bad, and ugly) so pretty much any filetype would be supported. If you did know the band, or the name of the song, or album, you would be able to select an option before uploading that would help speed up the search and rule out similar songs.

Another is a web-based customer/job tracking frontend to a MySQL database for POS systems so customers enter their customer ID's and view the status of their job. Not a difficult project, maybe a weekend or two if I find the time.

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