Friday, September 28, 2007

It just doesn't work...

We are growing daisies. Does this mean

A) We are literally daisies that are growing.
B) We have a garden in the back full of daisies.

Chances are it is the latter. One of the most common complaints from customers in the shop about their computer is "it just doesn't work". This leaves (usually) me to figure out what they mean and I usually do a pretty good job, but every once in a while, we get a call back saying "my email is still broken!" or "hey, my home page still isn't right!". Here is how these conversations usually go:

"What is the problem with your computer?"
"It just doesn't work..."
"...Ok...Well, is it running slow? Are you getting popups?"
"I...I don't know, it just isn't working..."
"Hrm, alright..."

A week later, I answer the phone:

"Computer Care"
"Yes, I had my computer in about a week ago to get my email fixed and it is still broken."
"Ok, what is your name and I can pull up your ticket..."
"Jane Doe"
"Um, you didn't say anything about your email when you dropped off..."
"Yes I did! I said it just wasn't working! I am not pleased with the service I got..."
"......You are right, I am very sorry, let's see what we can help you with."

This probably happens 1-2 a month, maybe 3 in an off month. It seriously pisses me off. Some of the other common drop off problems are "it won't get on the internet" (the computer doesn't come on), "it won't come on" (windows freezes), "my email doesn't work" (the computer doesn't come one), "there is a blue screen when it starts up and it won't go away" (I can understand this one, the computer got shutdown improperly and is now chkdsking itself on boot and this takes a long time)

In other news, I got isolinux.cfg to boot to the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test program using memdisk kernel (fat/dos emulator), to the Eurosoft PC check (again, using the memdisk kernel) and am working on getting QuickTech. I will work on some new artwork for the CCoA boot CD to make it a bit prettier. Some new screenies will come Sunday for those who care.

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