Sunday, September 30, 2007

I ♣ baby seals.

Today, I did a complete overhaul on the CCoA LiveCD. I completely redid the main Ubuntu ISO (brought it down to 300 MB) and installed just ClamAV, ntfs-3g, and ntfsprogs. I also added Clonezilla, DBAN, and GParted support. I would really like to add the WinXP Recovery Console, but that one is being a real bugger. I also grabbed the chntpw floppy image and Hitachi Drive Fitness Test floppy image (there is already a memory tester, but what would be really nice is a full-fledged system diagnostics tool) and have menu entries for those in the main menu. This is turning out to be quite the full-featured CD, and all on free software, too! (well, mostly) I figure by the end of my Germany trip, I should be able to have a release worth being publicized. Geoff and I have other plans for these CD's, but that is another blog post (if they work out). I think once I finish this post, I will take a nap...

UPDATE: With Clonezilla, DBAN, and all the floppy images, the resulting ISO is 440 MB. Small enough to fit on a 512 thumb drive and with room to grow. Rock!

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