Sunday, February 10, 2008

What if....

I have an uncanny ability to memorize the most random things in the world. Richard says that I can name 5 random facts about any movie and list everyone that was in it, as well as the crew that helped film it. This is obviously a stretch on things, but I do know a lot of pretty useless stuff. I am not sure why, but after I read an IMDB article on a movie or actor/actress, it just sticks. This works with anything I read, but for some reason, trivia like that tends to be much more prominent than the mating seasons of the Peruvian Seahorse or something. I have covered this before in an earlier post, but tonight we were watching I, Robot and, of course, I am just saying random facts throughout the movie. I really wish I could pinpoint what allows me to do this, it would be really interesting to see why I can do this type of thing and other can't.

I think one of the reasons (I don't know I have this, but it seems logical) might be a larger prefrontal cortex. Pathological liars generally have a larger prefrontal cortex as it aids in a longer "storage" of short-term memory. The only problem with this is I have a horrible short-term memory. And, yes, I read that in a book in Mrs. Shipley's class.

Anyway, not sure if anyone would be able to help me figure this out, but if you know of any articles or books on it, please suggest them.

EDIT: My dad also has this, so it is quite possibly genetic.

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