Sunday, November 25, 2007

Introducing OpenDiagnostic v1.0

Introducing OpenDiagnostic v1.0. I started it as a CD to help me in the shop because none of the other CD's out there could really do the job. More features are on their way like the Windows XP Recovery Console and others. I will be working on OpenDiagnostic's usability issues right now as well as the aforementioned features. I also need to write documentation for it. (I will try maybe 2-3 tools a day). Not as full-featured as I would like (the one I use at the shop has many more, but has programs that would be illegal to put on here since you have to buy them).

Key features of LiveCD portion:

--Remove and edit Windows 2000/XP/Vista passwords
--Virus scans with updatable virus definitions with ClamAV
--Data recovery from all sorts of media and filesystems
--System benchmark and information reports (HTML)
--Basic system tests (HDD, RAM, CPU)
--DoD compliant data destruction

Key features for use in Windows:

--Password recovery with JtR
--Registry tools
--Disk tools
--Malware tools
--System Information (demo)
--Data recovery from NTFS filesystems
--Recover and update Windows keys as well as others like Office

Future releases will be much more featureful and usability will be much easier. Look for v1.1 towards the middle of this week.

Roadmap for v2.0:
--Autorun for Windows boxen
--Improved usability, performance, features
--More compact (custom kernel?)
--Better artwork

UPDATE: GParted borked. Will be fixed in v1.1.

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