Sunday, November 11, 2007

Necessity breeds invention

After the Ubuntu DFW meeting, I came home to my dad telling me all the pictures on the computer had been deleted. He told me to recover all the files. So I start doing my thing when I realise that the pictures weren't the only things deleted... almost _everything_ was deleted. I have seen this virus twice while I have been in the shop, the only things that weren't deleted were my dads stuff, who is administrator and passworded. After I told my dad that, he (obviously) got really angry. I grabbed my external drive and took it downstairs to recover all the data. 90407 files were deleted off the computer. They are recovering right now. There is a reason why Linux is so popular and it isn't just because computer geeks want to claim they are 1337 because they run it. That is because this doesn't happen. You don't get virii going on a rampant spree through your computer deleting all your files. Necessity breeds invention, and Linus started writing the Linux kernel in 1991 for a reason. It wasn't because of virii back then. It was just a project for him. Then, as time passed (think mid 90's), virii started becoming a problem. Linux started gaining ground because you didn't have to deal with the fear of getting a virus. The late 90's came along with the I LOVE YOU virus and many, many others that absolutely devastated Windows boxes. Red Hat was king in the Linux world and Linux was booming. They didn't have to worry about all these new virii infecting their computers. More and more companies switch to Linux every year because they realise the amount of money they save not having to pay for anti-virus, anti-spyware, data recovery because of virii, etc... Plus, the OS is FREE. All you Mac users out there that are saying to yourself right now, "My computer does all that. I don't see what the big deal is about Linux". I would you to see you install your Mac OS X on a PC and have it "just work". In fact, I would like to see you legally install it on as many computers as you think should run Mac OS X. I want you to get your Mac OS X free, but legally. I would like to see you upgrade your computer for free to the next version of Mac OS X with a couple clicks of your mouse (I counted 3 for me). I would like to see you have all the free software you could ever want at your fingertips.

End Rant

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