Friday, November 9, 2007

Those darn pirates

I was having to reinstall Windows on a custom build box today when I realised that the computer didn't have a Windows key on the side panel anywhere. I called the lady up and she said her brother put the computer together for her (he installed both Mandriva and XP for her, a dead giveaway that the Windows was bootlegged). She said she would have to call him and get the key. She called back about 10 minutes later with the key. She started to say the key and I automatically knew that the key wasn't legit. I still wrote the key down just to say I did and as soon as we hung up, I googled the first 10 characters and sure enough, like 100 sites popped up with the same key without even going past the first ten characters. After that, I decided I would call the lady back in about twenty minutes and say the key wasn't working. When I was done googling, I went to work on another machine that would just freeze up randomly (it had about 450 virii, didn't get a chance to check for spyware). I noticed that the key they had on the side of their HP was for home, but they were running pro. So, I checked the properties on the computer and saw that the computer was still on service pack 0. That is also a dead giveaway the windows is pirated. I grabbed our key finder cd and stuck it in the computer while in Safe Mode and checked the key just for gits and shiggles. It was the same key the lady had read to me 10 minutes earlier. I lawled. I guess that just shows how prevalent Windows piracy is.

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