Monday, November 19, 2007

Meeting Announcement

I just announced the next Ubuntu DFW LoCo Team meeting for December. We will discuss what our plans and goals are for the next year, create a roadmap, then just chill and eat cheesecake (well, I will anyway). If you are interested and have the 9th free, feel free to join us. Bring a laptop if you can so you aren't just sitting there listening to use chat on IRC with each other.

Tonight was pretty nice. Richard and I chilled at Starbucks while I played Tremulous and he played FlashFlashRevolution. I am backing up all my stuff right now so I can get a fresh load for Thanksgiving. I have a feeling this week will be extremely slow. I won't be working on Thanksgiving and the shop is dead enough as it is (not many computers to repair), so I don't think I paycheck will be over 150 bucks (200 if I get lucky). Though, a client of ours want me to write her a database program for her. We told her it wouldn't be cheap, so if she follows through, the next couple of weeks might be nice.

I have made the decision to donate at least one computer a month running some flavour of Ubuntu to a family, teacher, etc... I have actually been doing this the past couple months without realising it. Each computer costs me between 50-65 dollars to get fully up and running on average. Most of the computers I get are low-end computers (128 MB RAM, 500-750 mhz proc, 10 gig HDD). I generally upgrade the machines to 256 MB RAM. That is enough for basic use (word processing, email, internet, IM, etc...). I also usually have to get a monitor (17"), keyboard, and mouse. So, obviously, I can't afford to donate more than 2-3 max a month, though sometimes I get lucky and have a computer that is pretty much ready. If you have a computer sitting in a corner, closet, or garage, let me know. I am willing to come and pick it up. Chances are, if it was made within the last 10 years or so, it meets my standards ;-).

Thanks in advance!

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