Monday, December 17, 2007


Borked Feisty today. Figured Gutsy had had enough time to stew after being released in October and installed it. Much better than my first installations of it. More things "just work". <3

I joined the FSF a while back. Added a widget of theirs to the side panel. If you read this through Facebook or an RSS feed, then you won't see it. If that is also the case, I highly recommend you go to and just poke around there. I am sure something will intrigue you. Now on to the meat...

Older people never cease to push my buttons. Obviously, one of the biggest things is about their interaction with computers. Older generations expect us to know about all that happened during their lives, such as wars or presidential mishaps. That is a completely realistic expectation, considering it shaped who we are today. But when we (the younger generations) expect them to at least know a little about the important things that are going on and shaping our future, many just won't have it. The put their foot down and say they don't have to learn. A bit hypocritical, no? Maybe it is just me, but I think at least a _basic_ knowledge of computer use is a realistic expectation. I wouldn't expect them to learn every IRQ address and what they correspond to or what every port on the back of their computer is for, but maybe to know what the Control Panel is or at least that deleting an icon doesn't actually delete the program.

Again, maybe it is just me...

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