Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yet another quite productive day

I had another really good day today. Very productive, very relaxing. First I updated the Downloads page for the OpenDiagnostic CD to include v1.1. Gparted fixed (Edit your partitions), added a couple data recovery apps to the LiveCD, and made some security improvements. You have to login now (makes ssh much easier). Username is root, password is toor. Then I reworked the netcheck program I wrote for the autorun to be a little less code and a bit faster. Source code here.

Relaxed a bit, went and bought a fan for the computer room. Apparently, they don't stock them during the winter and I just happened to get lucky and find one stashed behind some furniture at Walmart. WTF is that about? Anyway, I also bought The Pagemaster...haven't watched it yet though. Went and fixed a neighbours computer after that. Not a big deal, his hard drives were swapped in BIOS, causing an Error Loading Operating System error.

Played some California Speed, GoldenEye, Frets on Fire, and Guitar Hero for an hour or so, then started working on installing Gallery on my site. I think in the time between me starting California Speed and me finishing Gallery, it dropped like 25 degrees outside.

Overall, pretty productive, really relaxing. Better this weekend though than next. I won't have any time. Saturday I am installing a network for a business and Sunday is the Ubuntu DFW meeting.

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