Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have 28 RSS feeds in Liferea. I usually use my RSS feeds to wind down the day. At about 8, I bring up Liferea and refresh all the feeds, which gives me about 2 hours worth of reading. I enjoy this, and I recommend it to anyone who says they are bored.

I bought some Joe Satriani the other day. I heard some of his music about a year ago I think and thought it was pretty good, but forgot about him until last week. I ran across a demo of some of his music somehow and bought one of his albums (Surfing with the Alien). Fantastic, apparently one of his best. Highly recommended for those guitar enthusiasts out there.

Had an idea for the shop today regarding backups and customer service. Still bouncing it around, but discussing it with Chris, it seems I will probably at least implement it and let him see it.

BTW, apparently, the cheerleaders at UT Arlington have down syndrome.

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