Saturday, December 1, 2007

Very Productive Today

I uploaded v1.1 of the OpenDiagnostic. Will update the site when I get back from the movies (going to see Hitman!). You can get it at CHANGELOG is in the ISO.

Obviously, my post before introduced OCAM (One Computer A Month), an initiative to spread Ubuntu one computer at a time. Christer Edwards thinks it is a good idea and told me to talk to the Ubuntu Weekly News and see if they could put something in the newsletter to get me a little more publicity. I am very excited about it.

Got me a new controller for my computer. No drivers required. Started playing Duke Nukem 64 as soon as I reconfigured my buttons. Rock.

I also talked to System76 about some posters for door prizes for the next LoCo meeting. Apparently, there is a rumour going around that some new people will be coming to the meeting. Rock.

Today was a good day.

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