Thursday, December 13, 2007

Very Exciting Times

A lot of really exciting things are going on right now in my life. Many of which I can't talk about right now as they are not necessarily going to happen, but if they do, good times will follow ;-).

Extremely busy lately, leading to a lack of posts. I ate dinner with Aaron Toponce ad JJNova (from #ubuntu-texas) last night at Beni Hana's off LBJ near Greenville. Amazing. The food was good, expensive, and totally worth it, especially because Guru Labs was paying for it. JJNova had car problems coming to the restaurant, so we didn't get seated until ~7. I was about 10 minutes late (we were to meet at 6), I think my average speed there was 45 miles an hour. Traffic in the wet weather was horrid.

Anyway, we ate steak, drank green tea, and had ice cream for desert (I actually had sherbet). Definitely one of the best dinners I have had this year. The first words as we sat down at the table were from Aaron and are as follows "Ok guys, don't be modest...".

We talked about Ubuntu, Fedora, and other things Linux. Had some questions about teams in the future and others answered. Other than that, we just chatted about being married (I was a bit quiet during that conversation), Utah, California, and how Aaron was seeing the worst Texas weather ever. A really nice evening of just relaxed conversation while a chef threw eggs, rice, and steak across the grill onto our plates.

Work lately has been non-stop. I have been going in about 30 minutes early so that I can get a handle on what all I need to get done before 2, though having to stay past 2 because computers never do what you want ;-). Can't say the hectisity (is that a word?) isn't bad though...once Geoff gets up here, it should calm down a bit. A lot of my time outside work is being spent trying to figure out how to do something the next day so I don't spend X hours messing with it. At least I can say business is booming.

Torrenting Fedora 8 (werewolf) for a VM. Can't wait to install it.

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