Monday, August 25, 2008

ClamAV Live CD 2.0 Beta released

I uploaded the beta of the ClamAV Live CD 2.0 today. I was able to bring the image down to 113 MB (more to come hopefully, as I close in on final). I need beta testers to make sure I haven't broken any key part. I have tested it myself, but I know my circumstances aren't the same as everyone else's.

Features included are the latest and greatest ClamAV engine yet (0.94RC1) and of course a smaller size and footprint. Currently, it is just the scanner on the CD, no chntpw or dban. Once I know that the scanner is working properly, adding the rest is trivial. The CD does include, however, ntfs-3g drivers, testdisk, the chntpw binary, and hwinfo.

If you are willing to beta test, you can get it here, and leave a comment if you find any bugs or would like to request a feature. I am also in #clamav-livecd on freenode if you want to catch me there.

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