Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our team will be starting the OCAM (One Computer A Month) again soon for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The team will be donating at least one computer a month with some flavor of Ubuntu on it to a family in the D/FW area (and surrounding areas) that can't afford a computer. I will be making a logo sometime before Sunday (our team meeting).

Some background info: I started OCAM about a year ago, while I was working as a computer technician. Our shop received a lot of donated computers that people didn't want anymore, so i started loading them with Ubuntu and giving them to teachers and families who didn't have computers. After I left the job, the computers pretty much dried up and I couldn't give any more computers away, so the project died a slow, painful death.

This is a shoutout to anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you have a computer that you want to donate (it can be just the CPU itself, monitors/keyboards/mice/speakers aren't a problem), please email me or leave a comment. Recycling your old computers is the best thing you can do (what good is it doing just sitting in your garage?). I am willing to pick up the computers, all I need is a supplier. :-) Keep in mind, we will be loading the latest LTS release on the machines, so specs must be approximate. We can add RAM/Hard drive as necesarry, but processors and such not so much. Any computer is OK, we can find something to do with it, but please think about the specs before hand.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

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