Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks for the replies to my last post, but none of them really worked for me (too much work). I ended up writing a small Python script that will read the todo.txt and spit out a nicely formatted PNG every 5 minutes. It is my first ever Python script, so there may be some weird things, but I am proud of it :-).

You can get the script here.

I have it setup to start as soon as GNOME starts (in the Sessions), and updating the BG every 5 minutes works for me, but you can change it up in the script if you want it to be slower or faster.

Any questions, comments, or concerns are greatly appreciated!


  1. I guess I'm a late-comer... but here it goes:

    convert -page 1280x800 -font -pointsize 18 text:~/todo.txt ~/todo.png

    check out this page for more fancy options:

  2. Here's some Python magic for you!

    Instead of "while 1:" you can just do "for line in contents:", which will loop over every line in the file.

  3. I prefer to keep a tomboy note open at all times on my main workspace with my todo list on it (i use the Start Here note as a main todo and make links to develop on items).