Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lazyweb, some help please

I manage a CD called the ClamAV Live CD. Currently, I am disappointed with it. It has grown to about 170 MB (it started at 140 on Edgy). The GParted Live CD is ~50 MB and does everything I need the ClamAV Live CD to do (inet connection mostly, ntfs-3g drivers). My current way is to use debootstrap and work from there, but that doesn't yeild very much shrinkage. I have played around with using Gentoo and compiling very small images, but it never works out the way I hope it to.

My question, I am looking to make the ClamAV Live CD smaller, are there any tricks I should know about before I venture on this? I already use LZMA compression on the squashfs images.

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  1. Puppy linux is based on T2-SDE
    Maybe this is something to look into?