Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Did I miss something?

Me: you know what would be cool?
Me: an mp3 player that could connect to wifi so you can stream music
Me: fitness places could offer free wifi
Someone: i have that
Someone: the ipod touch or the iphone
Me: that doesn't cost 200 dollars
Me: well, I am not sure what the touch costs
Me: but even a hundred dollars
Someone: so apparently you want something that's not cool enough to be worth $200
Me: it shouldn't cost 200 bucks for something like that
Me: maybe a hundred
Me: and that is a big maybe
Me: like, if apple made one that they didn't try to cram every feature ever into and make it only compatible with iTunes, I would certainly buy it
Me: just a simple Wifi-enabled MP3 player
Me: simple LED screen, nothing fancy
Me: I don't want an MP3 player that can also do my taxes
Someone: that sounds like a really crap device
Someone: wifi with an LED screen?
Someone: you are misunderstanding the prereqs
Me: how so?
Someone: how are you going to connect to APs? how are you going to type in keys? find internet radio stations?
Me: you would put the m3u's on beforehand
Me: like an mp3
Someone: something tells me you would never buy this hypothetical device, even if it existed
Me: and yeah, I guess having a slide out qwerty would be ok
Me: that would make it worth 100
Me: the LED on my current MP3 player has more than enough space to find your AP
Me: I probably wouldn't buy first gen
Me: let the bugs get worked out
Me: but if 2nd gen was really what I was looking for, I would certainly by it
Me: buy*
Someone: so you're saying someone should produce a device for less than a hundred dollars that has such a spectacularly ridiculous hodgepodge of features that only four or five people on earth would find it useful, that you wouldn't buy it, and that if they put out a second version you might buy it
Me: :-/
Someone: fortunately, apple makes the ipod for everyone with reasonable needs

Uh, what? How did that turn into an iPod conversation?


  1. Well, I can't quite figure out where you're going to find an MP3 player for less than $100 *without* WiFi...I mean, maybe one of those flash drive ones that doesn't have a screen and only holds 512MB that cost $70...but then, as I said, those lack screens. My iAudio was $129 and has a 1" screen and 4GB of storage, but no WiFi.

    And I think iPod Touch & iPhone are more in the $300-$400 range. Regular iPods are about $170, I think.

  2. Yeah, I understand the chances of it being under a hundred dollars are slim (the point is that it _shouldn't_ be that much), and considering the size of a streaming playlist is considerably less than a traditional media file (ogg, mp3, etc...), the amount of space available really shouldn't be over a gig IMHO.

  3. Try www.mp4nation.net . They have a lot of mp3/4 players and I'm sure you could find one that you like.

  4. Give this device some time, and maybe a second revision, and you will get nearly what you want. It even lists OGG in the list of formats, so I guess it should be able to play ogg/vorbis files.

  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nokia-N800-Internet-Tablet-Wi-Fi-Bluetooth-OS2008_W0QQitemZ170252169447QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item170252169447&_trkparms=39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A16|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

    Under $100, Wifi, touch screen, plays MP3s, and lots else.

  6. Nokia 770's are selling for ~$100 on eBay right now...and sell new for not much more. I'm very satisfied with me and stream Last.fm on it all the time