Saturday, January 19, 2008

A bit bored

I just submitted a patch to Jordi Mas to fix the totalling bug in the Operator puzzle in gbrainy. I wrote the puzzle while I was in Germany this Fall, but haven't had time until lately to fix the bug. Coincidentally, the puzzle had been excluded due to the bug. I think I am using a different version of aclocal because the patch included a bunch of aclocal.m4 changes, even from a fresh SVN checkout. I sent the patch with the aclocal.m4 info in it and told them if there was something wrong, just let me repatch it with whatever they used.

I don't think I will be getting the job at Guru Labs. I haven't heard back from the admin(s) in about a week. I won't hold my breath, but it would be nice...

I have been hanging out in #clamav lately and some people have expressed a need for a CD like the OpenDiagnostic CD (which I have yet to look at this week :-(...), but with just ClamAV. I might try and do that tomorrow, it shouldn't be more than 200 MB, which is nice, but less than 180 would be best, as it would fit on a business card CD.

Went and saw Cloverfield last night with Geoff, Geppy, Nigel, and a friend of Nigel's. I thought it was really good. Very different from what has been the norm for monster movies in the past 10 or so years. It was left wide open for a sequel, maybe another "found video".

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