Saturday, January 5, 2008

Help Wanted

The past couple blog posts, I have mentioned I have been working on a new company website. Usually, after I make some substantial changes, I will show it to Geoff and see what he thinks. Today, he said it should look like the Geek Squad website. I wholeheartedly disagree with this. I feel the Geek Squad website is extremely cluttered. I look at it and think, "Jeez, could they try to fit more content into one page?"... I do not think we should be using the Geek Squad site as any kind of a reference, but more of a here-is-what-not-to-do web page.

Some websites that I do think are spectacular are Banshee, GNOME, and Linterra. Linterra uses Flash, of which I do not approve of, but each one of these gets straight to the point. On the Banshee site, within the header, you have one sentence that sums up the entire project. The GNOME project's website isn't as good as Banshee's, but it is extremely clean, no clutter. Linterra is still a bit more cluttered than I would like, but the layout is extremely well-defined. It is obvious where things need to go.

The Geek Squad site is very inconsistent (the content itself is centered in a box that is aligned on the left, outside of the footer which is not centered and the text is aligned to the left). It is not well-defined at all. No predominant bordering, it looks like the content was just thrown in there.

Anyway, I want anyone who reads this to give me a site or two that they think is a very good point of reference for ease of use, UI, and anything that contributes to its user experience. (if you can) Thanks.

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