Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am think I am going vegetarian

Well, only part-time. I enjoy meat, but I much prefer eating vegetables and such. No tofu, tofu is horrible. I stopped drinking milk a long time ago (like two years), but not because I think it is wrong to drink milk. I like milk, but the stuff you buy at the store has so much other crap in it that I really don't trust it much (that, and the organic milk is gross and too expensive). I will treat myself to a glass of chocolate milk every once in a while, but I get sick when I do.

Anyway, I am not making any commitments since I really won't be changing my eating habits, I thought I would state it officially that I am now part-time vegetarian.

I am currently working a presentation for an assisted-living complex. Our company is doing a presentation on the basics of computer and internet use there and I have the astute pleasure of writing the presentation. I will probably upload it and let others use it if they want. Depends on what my boss wants to do.

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