Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Structure is something I am not.

I am not a structural kind of person. If you mapped out my thought-process on a scatterplot, the only thing it would be good for is a game of connect the dots. Because of this, I can solve problems really quickly and efficiently because I do not look in the same place for an answer every time. I guess the only way to really explain it is like a hybrid HDD, those kinds with RAM and ROM. I can remember anything I read, but if someone tells me to do something in X hours, there is a good chance I will forget because my short-term memory is horrible. I can't really explain that part except that when they tell me to do This and That, I stick it in my RAM, then I inadvertently shut down that program in my mind and lose whatever data that program was holding. Now, if they were to send me an email or leave me a post-it note, I will remember what I have to do because I read it.

Another downside to this is I have horrible people skills, though apparently girls think it is cute :-/. Well, it isn't that I have horrible people skills per se, my mind just moves to fast for my mouth or body too keep up with, so I stutter a lot, hurt myself a lot (not bad hurt, just small cuts and such). People perceive that kind of behavior as abnormal or awkward. This happens a lot with customers at the shop, I will forget I am talking to someone not as computer literate as me and I will go off into why the memory addresses correspond to what went wrong because these memory address are on the stack and these are on the heap. I know it gets on my bosses and Geoff's nerves. That isn't all, though. My boss and Geoff will be talking about something, then one of them will say something that reminds me of something (it makes sense in my head), but have nothing to do with the conversation that they are having. What happened was, maybe Geoff said the word "hypocrite". I read a story about the Africans and the OLPC project this morning (I heard "hypo", I thought "hippo", then Africa). Then I will say something pertaining to Africa and to them, it has nothing to do with the conversation.

Structure is something I am not, do not expect me to pretend I am.

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