Saturday, January 5, 2008

Consider the following 2

Auto accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers aged 15-20. Most teenagers do not get new cars when they get their drivers licenses. They get used cars. Very used and very old cars. I know that both of my cars have been over 20 years old, broken seatbelts, and no airbags. Many teenagers are put into the same position I have been for the past 2 years that I have been driving. They get notoriously cheap and unsafe cars, but their insurance is higher if they get a safer, newer car. Therefore, if these teenagers do get in serious car accidents, they have a much higher rate of death. What is wrong with that picture? My first car was an '87 Chevy. No airbags, seatbelts didn't work (correctly), horn was dismal at best. Luckily, I had no accidents in that car. Then I drove my dad's Kia while he was in the Middle East. No accidents. I now have an '89 Buick Century. No airbags. The pendulums in the seatbelts are borked. My driverside window will fly into my face if I get T-Boned and probably chop my head off. I have had a minor fender-bender in that car. But my insurance is very low. I would like to see the statistics of the rate of death in teenage accidents when they did and did not have airbags or functioning seatbelts.

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