Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 1 in Germany - Dusseldorf

First day in Germany was spectacular. Mein deutsche ist nicht gut, aber ich habe fein bis jetzt getan (that was probably horrible). We are in downtown Dusseldorf right now, in a small hotel. We really just walked around and explored today after the 9 hour flight from Atlanta to Dusseldorf while we waited for our room to become available. The people here are really nice, but I still try and not let them know I am American until I have to. Most of the shops I have gone into, I have been able to at least not sound American, though I know my accent is horrible. It is 9.05PM here now, 2.05PM CST. The Euros are much easier to use than American currency IMHO, the coins actually mean something here, but I am afraid that the Traveler's Cheques I got pretty much suck. It took me 10 minutes to get them exchanged for Euros because of all the paperwork. I will just use my Visa from now on at ATMs (as long as it isn't too expensive). BTW, 50$ USD converted to $30,98 EU with the exchange rate (and I am sure with some tax taken out), but not bad. Every time I google something, it pops up at Which, the internet in this hotel sucks, absolutely the worst "high-speed" I have ever used. It took me 20 minutes to upload six 3 MB pictures. And for some reason, when I am doing high FIFO stuff (remastering ISOs mostly), my internet slows to an absolute crawl, nothing loads.

Gute Nacht!

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