Monday, October 1, 2007

Just an update

Got the "Start A Virus Scan" menu working _properly_. It mounts either /dev/hda1 (ide) or /dev/sda1 (sata) with ntfs-3g, so if you know the partition you will be scanning is either A) not NTFS, B) not s/hda1, or C) both, you should also know how to start the clamscan (the antivirus) from the default system, but I know in the shop, 90% of the computers I repair fall under the "Start A Virus Scan" category (though some are becoming more prevalent with repair partitions as the first partition, but they are FAT32, so mounting them will fail and no damage can be done...yet). I might just have to make a couple preseeds and a separate menu for the various types of virus scans (FAT32/IDE, NTFS/IDE, FAT32/SATA (I have never seen this), NTFS/SATA) then when they select which one, they will choose which partition to scan (that might even be an advanced menu). Rock on!

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