Friday, October 5, 2007

Some news

As you may or may not have read, I have been elected as the DFW LoCo (Local Community) Team Leader for Ubuntu (kind of weird since I run openSUSE mainly). Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting down and dirty with other Texas teams such as Houston as soon as I get back in the country. I am planning on doing a lot of work over my vacation (yes, I plan on working, I love what I do!), espcially on the 22 hour flights to Germany and back. I am bringing my laptop with me, so when I have access to internet (Starbucks anyone?), I will be on AIM, IRC, and check my mail. I still need to get one of those nifty 110 > 220 V converters, I bought the complete opposite thing today at Fry's (220>110V), but it was only 15 bucks.

Geoff is coming down this weekend (tomorrow, I believe) and we are gonna party hardy at the Coffee Haus on Mesquite behind UTA Saturday night (if my memory serves me, they close at 12 on Saturday) and we will probably have a small Armagetron LAN there while listening top music, sipping on tea and coffee, and eating some delicious sammiches.

It is a bit late, but openSUSE 10.3 came out yesterday! I installed RC1 on my desktop on the third to beat the rush of people on the fourth, and my plan seemed to have worked, I only had to get a few updates, 'tis a sexy beast. A few quirks have been bugging me lately (like unable to connect to X server through sudo, you have to su yourself, then type whatever you want in), but YaST/zypper have improved dramatically. Zypper is almost as fast as apt, now we just need to work on the lack of repos/packages for SUSE.

I don't know when my next blog post will be, but if I don't see you later, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight! (10 points to whoever tells me what movie that is!)

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  1. The Truman Show.

    I'm in DFW, and now that your blog is on Planet Ubuntu, I'd like to meet up at the next get-together. So, be sure you post details when that happens!