Friday, October 19, 2007

Maybe, someday...

Obviously, the above image isn't real, but I couldn't help thinking that when I saw the giant poster. I have been without internet for about 3 days now-ish, but have gotten a lot of good work done. So far, I have been able to keep my "at least one beer a day" pact pretty well, though when I did miss a day, I made up for the next ;-).

Anyway, Richard says I need to try a black and tan (I think), but I haven't had a chance to order it, just regular beers. I have seen some very cool castles and am in Switzerland right now. We weren't expecting them to not take Euros, so we had to get some Swiss Francs...100 SFC is about 85 dollars USD. Today was quite interesting (well, the past couple days, but I will save you on the details). I walked in to this place called Data Quest, hoping to get a new WLAN card (I will later find out I don't need a new one). As soon as I walk in, I realise this place is a Mac retailer. So, I just brush that off and continue to look for a WLAN card that looks like it might be supported by Linux. I walk up to the girl behind the counter and ask if she speaks English and she does, so that makes it easier for me. I ask her if she has any WLAN cards for a laptop and she walks over to a display and starts talking about Macbooks and Macbook Pros, so I stop her and tell her I need one for a real laptop. She kind of looks at me for a second and goes on with the Macbooks. I stop her again and say I don't run Mac OS X, I run something else and that I just need a basic WLAN card. She starts talking about how Windows is such an inferior OS and how I should really look into getting a Macbook because they "just work" (the reason I was in the store was because Linux "just worked"). I say, that's ok, I run a real OS. She laughs, says that Windows isn't a real OS, starts talking about viruses, spyware, etc... I tell her I whole-heartedly agree and that is why I don't run Windows. She becomes very quiet as does the rest of the 4-5 people in there. Apparently they had been listening in on the whole conversation. Well, what else can you run, she asked. I say I run Linux and I walk out of the store. Owned. The reason I was in there was because my onboard WLAN card had gone out (or so I thought). On my laptop, if I press the FN+F2 keys in Windows, it turns my wifi card off and that never worked in Linux. While I was on the train to Switzerland, I was playing around with the FN+F? keys because in 6.06, most of them didn't work. I noticed that a lot of them did work now in 7.04. I didn't know the WiFi one worked too, so I unknowingly turned off my WiFi card. After I realised what I did (after I bought the new WiFi card), I turned it back on and it "just worked".

Ubuntu 7.10 was released while I was without internets, so I hope that went nicely. I am hoping to upgrade as soon as I get home and get over the jet lag.

In Switzerland, they speak half-french, half-german, so between that, and my bad german, I understand maybe 20% of what people here say.

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