Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lack of RSS frustrates me...

Why don't Lifehacker or Toothpaste For Dinner have RSS feeds? In my perfect world, every website I am interested in would have RSS or ATOM so I never have to open up firefox except for when I want to google something or someone sends me a link. I use evolution to get all my mail and I use liferea to get all the planets I read as well as XKCD, Dinosaur comics, Questionable Content, Woot, Slashdot, GNOME files,, some ebay accounts, and others... Lifehacker and TFD seem to be the only ones I read that don't have RSS. In fact, Lifehacker is owned by Gawker, who also owns Gizmodo and they have RSS. Wtf?

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  1. Lifehacker RSS: