Monday, October 1, 2007


I am having troubles with Clonezilla (and maybe chntpw). With Clonezilla, for some reason, I get an unknown stanza error in the /etc/event.d/tty* (this causes the image to not boot right, for those not technically savvy). After a bit of chrooting, I found that there is no /etc/event.d/ folder, thus there is no /etc/event.d/tty*. I went ahead and created the folder event.d and added the scripts for tty1-6 (usually, just adding stuff into folders like this is a bad no-no and can severely break stuff), but it didn't actually do anything. No problem was fixed, but no problems were created either. So I am still at a stand still. I have added all the features I will (a feature-lock, if you will), so all development is 100% bugfixes now (yay!). The reason I say I might be having problems with chntpw is when I burned the test disk for my boss, we tried to boot it up in one of the machines and remove the password for an Admin account. Well, it hung at "loading kernel" (it works fine in QEMU, which really doesn't make sense to me, but maybe I am missing something). That was the first and only machine I have tested it in, so I am not too worried right now. I have the XP Recovery Console listed as a feature, though it is completely broken. Hopefully, I will have it working by the end of the week. Anyway, yesterday, I brought the Ubuntu LiveCD down to 300 MB which leaves 400 MB for tools and such, and with what I have now, the total ISO size is 448 MB, so small enough to fit on a 512 thumbdrive with room to grow. Otherwise, good, productive weekend.

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