Friday, October 5, 2007

LiveCD updates

Got vesamenu.c32 working (it appears the crashing I was experiencing in QEMU is more a bug in QEMU than in my programming). It definitely looks better than the regular menu.c32 as you don't need to reduce the quality of the background image to 256 colors. It also has a lot more features that I will play around with tonight (shadows and stuff). I am finally realising how slow my desktop really is with all this remastering I am doing. It takes 12 minutes to just build the damn squashfs, then it has to update all the md5sums (not horribly slow, but slower than my lappy, which has 2 GB RAM), then it has to rebuild the ISO, which takes about a minute and a half. Really, the building of the squashfs is what is killing my productivity. I hate just sitting around waiting for something to finish.

BTW, to fix the QEMU bug (well, not fix), I just installed VirtualBox which is like VMware, but free and has an open-source version. I setup a virtual machine in it with no HD, just the CDROM and use that to test the ISOs now.

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